If you have a chance, which country do you want to go?【interview in the Philippines】

Good day everyone!…This is Taka.

From this time on, my videos have been added Japanese subtitles in youtube settings

and you may set it in that language anytime you want.

Furthermore, lets move on to the new topic which is,

“If you have a chance, which country do you want to go?”

Travelling abroad seems to be the trend among many Japanese.

On the other hand, arent you guys curious about Filipinos?

Thats why i have made these videos for you.

Let us find out which country do they find attractive and for what reasons.

The result of my interviews are here..

Brace yourselves and enjoy!!!!


If you have a chance, which country do you want to go?

My father in HongKong bcoz I miss him.

I havent seen him yet since I was born.

And now…I really want to see him bcoz it has been a long time…。

for almost 20 years. Im 20 now.

I only have one wish every time on my birthday….

that is to meet my father coz i really miss him.

I”ll go to Japan bcoz it has an advanced technology.

I am grateful to the Japanese people in visiting and supporting the Philippine advocacy.

Also, in donating to us sea crafts such as boats and some cash to better our facilities.

In any country…we can go.

Becoz mostly of the Filipinos go to Singapore, Dubai, HongKong or even sometimes in Japan if they have relatives there.

If none, it’s somewhat difficult for us.

We want to try it too..

so that we can know the cultural differences between us and that of the Japanese’s.

T: How about the salary, is it higher than in the Philippines?

Yes, its higher.

T: After working for a long time abroad, what happens when they come back to the Phils?

Yes, compared to the others, we have closer bonds to our family.

Here, though couples have lots of children, they still like to be together.

T: Do many of the Filipinos send their salary to their families?


T: Do u also send your salary to your family?

Yes, but our salary here is very low compared to that in abroad.

Sad…but a fact.



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