How do you attract a man that you like?(interview in the Philippines)

Let me say a fine day to everyone.

This is Taka from the Philippines as usual.

This time, my theme is,

“How do you attract a man that you like?”part.2

As you know, I had already asked people this question before, right?

However, I asked a different set of people the same question again.

Because the people who answered my question seemed as the typical conservative women.

That’s why, I asked women who are more modernized and let us see if they would have a different viewpoint as to this topic.

Do they just only wait for an invitation from men and let them take the initiative to approach them?

Aside from waiting,I hope they have other choices.

The result of my interview are here.

Have a break and enjoy watching!


How do you attract a man that you like?

T: How do u attract a man that u like?

I think Filipinas are conservative,right?

What do u do when u like someone?

G: In Filipino culture?

T: …like your strategy?

G1: Well, if someone really likes me and i like them back,

I have this tendency not to make the first move.

Even if i know we both like each other,

I’m still kind of wait for the person to make the move..maybe

because part of me is worried that if i make the move…

its straightforward or too suggestive in my part,

so i just wait…thats it.

But when they make the first move,

i make sure to hold a good conversation

because i think one way to maintain soneone’s intetest in u is through a good conversation.

G2: Well, how do i attract a man i like?

Most of the time…usually,

if i like someone,

I get their attention first.

Once i get their attention, I try to..

i dont know what we call the term “pabebe”.

It’s like u want to..

u dont like to its like ur teasing them.

In addition, u wait for the first move and all.

Usually, I do that.

But if u really like that person,

u have to get him..I get him, right?

So u take a risk I take a risk.

I don’t know..

Its kind of literal or liberal….

it depends on the situation though….

and the husband test.

G3: Actually for me,

I’ve never made the first move to anyone..or any guy.

I don’t know..

I think it’s just a convenient culture that a guy should do the first move.

It takes back to colonial history like the Spaniards taught us

how to be like “Maria Clara” image.

That females should be conservative,

they should be good mannered

and then they should wait forR the guy to pursue them.

Thats why it became part of our custom from generations to generations.

T: Thank you!



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