Could you tell me the a happy story that you experienced recently?

This is Taka at your service once again.

At this time I have asked this question to my interviewees,

“could you tell me a happy moment that you have experienced lately?

Actually, the reason why i asked this question was

because my cellphone and laptop was stolen due to my carelessness.

I want to be encouraged by hearing someone’s happy story.

The result of my interviews are here.

Let’s chill out and be entertained!!!


Could you tell me a happy moment that you experienced recently?

G1: Happy moments?

Okay..since its happening right now, this is one of my happiest moment.

T: To spend time with your friends?

G1: Yes, spending time with my friends.

Anyway, its one of the Filipino be able to spend time with friends an family…

And we haven’t seen each other for a while, so I’m actually pretty happy that I am living the Filipino way.Its our way of catching up.

T:What do you say?

G2: Happiest moment? Maybe the same, when we catch up with family like during birthdays.

And last time we had a mini celebration and we Filipinos really like to videoke, that’s all.

T: ahh..videoke

G2: We drank and sang and say hello to everyone so every time we meet our friends or family.

We are very happy because its like they are recharging new with all the stress, with all the negativities.

So, we can forget our problems and be productive.

G3: My gosh…the same….currently, meeting friends and family will make u like crazy with happiness.

V2 T: Could u tell me about a happy moment that you have experienced recently?

G1: Happy moments sir, is during the conduct of blood donation.

G2: Happy moments for us sir, is when a lot of people participate in our program….

like for example during the conduction of blood donation, we are so much happy if a lot of people come to donate their blood.

G3: so they donate in Red Cross.

G1: Philippine Red Cross

T: ahh,okay so…

G3: So we are promoting the voluntary donation.

G1:Today so far is my happiest day coz i woke up with family,sir.

That’s a precious gift everyday that i expect.

V3 T: Could you share a happy experience that you have experienced recently?

B:Actually, you are the first person I’ve encountered to ask me that question.

B: We are always happy. Everyday, we are happy.

T: Thank You.



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