How do you attract a man that you like?(Interview in the Philippines)

A splendid day to each and everyone.

This is Taka from the Philippines.

This time, my topic is “How do you attract the man that you like? ”

In my perspective, I think that basically Filipino women have conservative traits except those who are involved in ” monkey business” at night.

Of course, its a special case similarly to that ofJapanese women having the same work.

That’why, my curiousity has been aroused of this topic. How do they attract their men?

Is there a special way?

The result of my interviews are here, take your time and enjoy!


How do you attract a man that you like?

T: How do u approach a man that u like?

G1: Its not good to look at if we are the first one..

G2: …to approach a man. We don’t like to show them..

G3: For Filipinos, men usually approach the women first.

G1: The principle of Filipinas, they don’t do the first move.

T: Do what?

G3: Do the first move.

T: How can they notice that a woman likes them?

G1: Gut feelings.

G3: For me, we really don’t show it but if we like a man, we check his characteristics, if u happen to discover it..then maybe your too good.

T: Usually, only men approach the women in the Philippines?

G1: Not all, but its common here.

G2: Women are shy to show their feelings to a man coz if they do that, they would think we are desperate to find a man so we are kind of shy. u have a different culture in Japan?

T: In Japan, females can approach a man,sometimes my female friend invites me to her house for lunch,dinner or a drink.

G3: Does that mean your female friend likes u or its just a friendly approach?

T: First time is friend of course.

G2: That’s why we cant generalize that all women are shy, others do it too.



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