Why do the Filipino children send their salary to their parents in the Philippines?

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“Why do the Filipino children send their salary
to their parents in the Philippines?”

I am not sure whether Japanese know it or not,many filipino people send part of their salary to their parents.

As you know, Japanese people are opposite to the Filipino people, right?
In contrast to our culture, our parents give us money when we get married, during pregnancy,giving birth or in building a house,etc.

What do they think about it?

The results of my interview are here.

Take your time and be engrossed!

T: Why do Filipino children send their salary to their parents?

G: I I want to help my parents because they helped me when I was a child.I want to take care care of them when they are old.

T: ahh.

B: The reason why I’m sending money, I want to help…at that point when they are getting older, i want to take care of them,for that i can repay their sacrifices and sufferings for me when i was a child.

T: How many percent are you going to pay to your parents?

B: How many percent…

T: 10%…20%..like that.

B: For me as a working student, if i can give them, ill give 100%.

T: …..really? Thank you. How about you? Everything?

G: 100% because they give me 100% love when i was a child.

T: But ..if u pay everything…you cannot buy anything.

G: For me?

T: Yes.

G: Yeah, maybe but it’s worth it. I can see my parents not working hard anymore..they are living a life…

B: A good life.

T: Why are you sending your salary to your parents?
G: To help…especially if its needed. 
There are times the family don’t ask money from their children too, but it has been part of our culture though the parents are not their children’s responsibility but rather the reversed.
T: By the way, in Japanese’s case, its the parents that give money to their children…opposite.
G: Also, the parents send their children to school, that is their responsibility too.
But sometimes due to poverty, they lack the money to send to their children.
If the family is rich, they dont need to give to their parents.

T:Why are you sending your salary to your parents?
G1: It’s like we want to repay back to our parents who has been working hard for us to send us to school.
T: How about you?
G2: hmmn..for my parents to be proud of me and to save the same.
T: How many percent of your salary are you going to give to your parents in the future?
G1: at least 75%.
T: Really?
G1: I think 25% is enough for me so I can give the 75%.
T: 75%..but.
G1: Yes, because I love them very much.
T: How about you?
G2: 50/50
T: 50%..you are very generous…How will you survive?
G2: I think we could survive it because..
T: Even if you have a job, do u still live with your parents? Right?
G2: Yes.
T: Ah, so that is why you can give the 75% to your parents. Until when?
G1: Until we can find a family of our own. The two of us are planning to be single forever. …………



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